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Web Banner Information Guide - coming soon

1. YOUR INFORMATION * required

Cycle, ATV, PWC, Snow RV, Aero
3. ARTWORK SIZE * required
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Provide specific information to help the Design Team create the ads effectively. It is important that you help provide specific images, colors, or preferred vehicles.

  • PLEASE ATTACH SPECIFIC IMAGES: Provide specific vehicle info if Client requests.
  • KEEP BANNER SIMPLE: All banner ads must balance file size limitations and final quality: less colors, artwork, and text the better the final product will be. Banners should include a brief message and clear call to action. See manager for example explanation.
  • Prior to submitting CR, be sure to ask the Client good probing questions to find out what they want to be seen on the ad.
  • If images do not attach during initial set up, please reply all to your confirmation email and attach images. DO NOT send attachments in separate email.
  • Do not attach executable files (.exe, .com, .scf, etc...)


Attach Images: ex: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, Word .doc, PDF, etc. DO NOT attach executable files (.exe, .com, .bat, etc.)

Note: Because of security and technical issues, we cannot fill in the file names for you.

There is a 5 MB limit on attachments. If all files together are more than 5 MBs, please select reply all on your confirmation email and attach missing images. This will ensure all attachments are a part of one email chain.

**NOTE** If a customer is requesting a banner with a lot of textual information on it, try to explain to them why they may not want to go that route. After all, the objective of these banners is not to put out your dealerships history, its to catch a viewers attention to click their banner, and go to their site where all that extra information is available to them.

Try to explain it to them like this: Say you are driving down the highway at 60 MPH. You notice the large billboards on the side of the road. You only have a couple seconds at most to gather any information that's on those roadside signs. You want something that will grab your viewer's attentions so they will think to research you later. The same thing happens when browsing a webpage, as you are scrolling you're going 60 MPH, you have maybe a couple seconds to grab the viewer's attention. You are not going to want a long paragraph for the viewer to read. You want something short and to the point that will grab their attention and make them want to click and visit your site where all that information about their company is provided.

If any one file is larger than 5 megs, attach artwork and email to Creative Requests and be sure to add the JOB # in the SUBJECT line.

You must include the JOB ## in the emails.